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Conrad, MT

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Why do we love Windrift Hill's products? We cannot rave enough about these guys and their luxurious goat milk products. The quality, appearance, aroma, & benefits these items provide is not to be neglected. The goat milk lotions & soaps are phenomenal, with so many scents to choose from! Moisturizing body oils & hydrating chapsticks are available as well. We have the option for you to order any of the lotions in bulk with 1/2 gallon or 1 gallon options that are widely popular with massage therapists or those who go through it like crazy! What's our favorite? All of them, lol! Goat's N Oats lotion or soap is probably #1 for us but...they all are heavenly. Relaxing & Huckleberry are two of our other favorite scents. The body butter is definitely at the top of our list as well with it's hydrating, luxurious, thick feel! Try one, or try them all, they are wonderful.

Did you know 60 percent of what comes in contact with your skin is assimilated into your system? Goat milk has always been the most acceptable for people with sensitive digestive tracts; this is also true of external use. Goat milk is a natural moisturizer high in proteins, minerals and vitamins that are easily absorbed into the skin.

With the Rocky Mountain Front as our beautiful backdrop, Windrift Hill raises about 40 Nubian goats which are hand milked twice daily. The kids are all bottled to ensure their health and attachment to us. We raise our own dairy goats to guarantee that the milk being used in our products is the highest quality & fresh from our farm.  Goat milk hydrates & restores balance to the skin leaving it soft & supple, not tight & thirsty like commercial products.

The family works hard making all the Windrift Hill goat milk products.  So treat your skin to the best products it’s ever experienced.  Think of using our soaps, lotions and butters as a little slice of Montana’s wholesome family goodness – from our family (goats included) to yours.  Enjoy!


Deena, Amber & Windrift Hill Crew