Our Story

It's been a dream of ours to have a business together as mother and daughter for over a decade.  After attending numerous Billings Markets, we looked at each other while attending one and said, "why aren't we selling these products that we love so much? We definitely promote them!" Both of us are stay-at-home moms, with Cindy (mom) in her 50's and adopting a precious baby girl with her husband - an answer to over 30 years of prayer - and Christina (daughter) Homeschooling her two children while her husband works outside the home. We thought, "Let's do this!" So with sheer determination, since the end of 2016, we set off on this new journey and it has been a remarkable experience so far.

Since our family has lived in Montana most of our lives - and all but one of us was born here - we decided to focus on selling and promoting high-quality, affordable Montana made products.  We love MT and the beauty of this state and it's remarkable people.  It is our privilege and honor to promote and sell for these incredibly talented and gifted Montana based companies with Montana made products.  We are always searching to add more brands to our site from this great state and are open to suggestions on what our customers might want to see on our site for the future.

With our faith, values, hard work, and dedication we are excited to share pieces of Montana with all of you, your families, and your homes.  If you recently visited MT, will be visiting MT, already live here, or just love MT then this site is for you! 


Wishing you happy shopping and sending love from our family in Montana,


Cindy Theriault & Christina Newell
at Naturally Montana
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