My Home in Montana

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 Ennis, MT

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Why do we love My Home in Montana's products? Quality, service, & options! Tammy & Joe are fabulous people who take pride in what they do & enjoy helping others. We absolutely love this company & the products they have to offer. We have carefully selected top-selling products and frequently add new options since some items have a large variety of choices, like keychains & cozies for example. We encourage you to take your time & enjoy looking through what we have to offer from them, you won't be disappointed! All of the leatherette items are easy to clean by just wiping off & all engravings are laser so they won't fade away. What's our favorite items? The Polar Camel cups! - Regular or Wine style...beautifully designed with high quality & vibrant colors, sure to make you go, "I have to have one - or all!" We also have ceramic & leatherette wrap mugs for cheaper options for those who don't mind their cup to hold out for hours at a time but still want a touch of Montana. We love the keychains, cozies, & bracelets with such a variety of options in designs & colors. And last but certainly not least, the wine totes are awesome with their options & great value! We are certain you will love these products as much as we do. Please contact us if you are looking for specific themes, colors, etc. & we would love to help out!


Montana themed souvenirs & gifts with leatherette and/or beautiful laser engraving.