Montana is known for Huckleberries. They are a go-to food for so many 
of the residing well as the rest of us living here. 
They have amazing flavor that people absolutely love. 

Wikipidea states, "In taste, the berries range from tart to sweet,
with a flavor similar to that of a blueberry, especially in blue and
purple colored varieties. However, many kinds of huckleberries have
a noticeable tart taste, different from blueberries, and some have
noticeably larger seeds."

According to, Huckleberry is defined as: 
NOUN - 1. Soft edible blue-black fruit resembling a currant.
      - 2. The low-growing North American plant of the
            heather family which bears the huckleberry. 

Maybe you are already a huge fan, but if you haven't tried them,
they are a must in foods and anything that you can mix them into! 


*Montana Fish, WildLife & Parks on Huckleberries, "Montana's delicious purple gem":


*If you are visiting Montana, here is a guide to picking them with your family:



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