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Faith Based Family Books | Red Lodge, Montana | Dan Swaningson

How To Be A Functional Family In a Dysfunctional World

Is there any hope for my family? Is there anyone who understands what it's like to try and keep a family together while facing all the pressures of life in this work-a-day world where everything and everyone seems to be working against us--and why does it matter? Can someone just give me a straight answer before my family or I come totally apart at the seams?

If these questions have resonated in your heart, Hope for Families is for you. Dan Swaningson, husband and father of three, has put together an easy-to-read, straightforward, no-holds-barred message just for you---a real person from another real person, a father and husband who struggles to hold a family together while just trying to keep a roof over their heads, just like you do. Drawing from the Word of God, his own experience, and from lessons gleaned during his many years of ministering to children and families on the brink, while learning to be a daddy and a husband himself, Dan also shares how he overcame his own tumultuous childhood with entertaining and challenging stories. It is his prayer that this book will encourage you to be there and not give up!

Total of 160 pages 

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