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Why do we love DaySpa Body Basics' Products? We started using DaySpa's products far before we even started this business. We love these products because they are a huge part of our lives and have helped change our health as well as our friends & extended family. We have experienced it & have watched miraculous changes with others when it comes to DaySpa's Safflower Lotions, Chapsticks, & Arnica products for example. 
(We also highly recommend their other brands linked above)


The Arnica stick is the #1 product that we sell for them and we always make sure we have it stocked to ship or deliver right away. It's definitely in high demand for those who know about it! Huckleberry Lip Butter is another item that is a top-seller on our site. If you want to learn more about DaySpa's products just visit the product pages and you will find plenty of information on use, benefits, & ingredient information.



     We started as parents wanting to provide the best skincare for our family that was free of harsh chemicals and common aller­gens. Our approach is unique because we try to purchase our in­gredients as close to the source as possible. Many of our ingredi­ents come straight to us from the farm they are grown on. Unlike many brands on the market, which com­mission factories to develop and manufacture their products, as a family business we handcraft our products, ensuring high quality every step of the way.

-Owners @ DaySpa Body Basics